Say hai to.... Dino Bonačić

For this week's instalment in the Hai Society journal it was the turn of Croatian born, London based journalist and editor, Dino Bonačić. Dino has taken his  extremely readable work to the likes of Financial Times, i-D, Buffalo Zine and 10 Magazine (where he previously worked as Online Editor for 2 years) to name just a few. His writing hits on a captivating   combination of wit and charm in its tone, sewn together with a strong knowledge of high-and-low  cultural reference points.  Aside from  his writing, Dino's visual identity is one of bright colours and nostalgia. He truly celebrates the fun to be found in getting dressed while upholding a certain  chicness found in his carefully put together outfits that mix second hand eBay finds with the  beautifully crafted  collections of emerging designer talent.

Get to know  Dino a little better in this quick fire conversation where he takes us through life in lockdown 2.0!

Hi Dino....or should we say Hai!

Hi :)

Can you describe what you do?

Where do you consider home? When do you know you are home? 

Home is any place with at least 3 people I love and 5 objects that I find emotional. Currently, that's both my flat in London and my childhood home in Zagreb, Croatia.

Describe how you feel when you are on a creative Hai? (high) 

It's a semi-hallucinating feeling of not really caring about what's happening around me as I type ferociously. For me, a creative high equals having the power to focus on whatever you have/want to do.

The best, untalked about place in your city? 

My kitchen? haha It's where a lot of magic happens despite the questionable decor and unreliable appliances. Home cooking has truly saved 2020!

How, or where do you go to find inspiration? 

Finding inspiration is like going thrift shopping – wherever you go looking for gold, it's never really there. However, I've recently been falling into Wikipedia holes of forgotten TV shows from the past decades which have resulted in some fun ideas.

What do you do when no one is watching? 

Look for attention. 

What’s the feeling fashion gives you? 

On a good day, fashion gives me a delusional sense of omnipotence. On a bad one, it can be the source of my deepest anxieties.

 Where are you going to take your Hai next?

To Tesco! This year, John from till 3 has been the first person to see my latest wardrobe updates IRL.

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