Say Hai to...Georgia Moot

In today's edition of Hai Society we got to know a little more about one of London's most exciting and refreshing modelling and presenting talents, Georgia Moot. Aside from Georgia's incredible defining look and inspiring sense of style that truly champions small designers, Georgia has managed to catch the attention of a young generation through her confidence  and eloquence  in speaking out in the difficult  conversations that  strike a chord with her audience, such as mental health and  the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Read below for  a little window into Georgia's life right now, and get inspired by her early 00s *lewk* she shot with her Pink Nelly bag...


Hi Georgia....or should we say Hai!


Can you describe what you do?

My name is Georgia Moot and I am a model and presenter who discusses mental health and diversity within the creative industries.

Where do you consider home? When do you know you are home? 

Home to me is London, I am born and raised here and it will always be home. I honestly feel most at home when I'm on the tube!

Where do you want to travel to when it’s possible? 

Somewhere, anywhere. Preferably somewhere hot with a beach but i’ll take anywhere out of the UK right now.

What was your dream job as a child?

I always wanted to be a nursery school teacher! I then wanted to be a social worker. I was a bit older when I decided on fashion.

How, or where do you go to find inspiration? 

Usually my inspo comes from reading magazines. I used to collect magazines as I’d get the train every other weekend as a teenager, so I’d buy I-D, LOVE, Elle, Vogue etc. I love flicking through old and current magazines.

Do you have a film that you keep coming back to?

It’s so basic but I do love Clueless. I find it so comforting as it was the first film I was truly obsessed with as a teen.

Which books are you reading, or rereading, right now?

At the moment I'm reading ‘Superior’ by Angela Saini, it’s about the science of Race and exploring it’s construction.

Who's been the biggest role model or mentor in your life?

My parents are pretty great people :)

What’s the biggest risk that you’ve taken?

Probably going to NYC on my own at 21 for 2 months, I had never lived completely on my own and even thought it was only for two months I was quite proud of myself.

Do you collect anything? What’s your most treasured possession?

I’m an avid eBay’er, I guess I would say I collect second hand clothing. I have many treasured possessions, one of which being a vintage dior necklace my mum got me for christmas a few years back.

Is there any particular outfit or item of clothing you’ve worn that holds a special place in your memory?

I went to the BRITS this year and wore a really cute Marine Serre dress! It was a pretty special night as it was the first time in over a year i’d been to an event and seen live music!

Where are you going to take your Hai next?


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