Say hai to... Kat Rose

This week Hai Society caught up with Kat Rose, a London based artist who has found her niche  up-cycling second-hand clothing with her whimsical and kitsch illustrations that, as she puts it herself,  create worlds that feel like you "tookspaceship trip to a planet in outer space designed by Gene Wilder's ‘Willy Wonka".   Kat's hand-drawn bags, jeans and dresses have attracted the attention  of pop-superstars like Dua Lipa, and most recently were featured on the cover of Notion Mag on rising  musician,  Alicai Harley. Kat's exuberant and playful persona shines through both in her work and her online presence and we were delighted when Kat agreed to do a custom job on our new Nelly Bag!

Read on to see the wonderful world of Kat Rose collide with Home of Hai....

Hi Kat....or should we say Hai!

Hi :-) 

Can you describe what you do?

I make hand drawn/painted  fun and groovy dresses, jeans and bags under my label ‘Kat Rose Loves You’.

Where do you consider home? When do you know you are home? 

London is my home because it’s where all my best friends live and they make me feel like I’m home, it’s also where I can get the best jam on toast (my friend Rho’s house). I know I’m home when I’m relaxed and dancing in the kitchen or working in my bedroom studio surrounded by my clutter and tiny things.

Describe how you feel when you are on a creative Hai? (high) 

It’s the best feeling because it really affirms for me that this is what I want to do! It’s very rejuvenating.  I can go for hours making stuff in my bedroom studio  just listening to music and daydreaming.

The best, untalked about place in your city? 

Not in my city but near my city there’s a vegan shop that does the most amazing veggie sausage and sauerkraut sandwiches and blueberry cheesecake.


How, or where do you go to find inspiration? 

I’m inspired by love -which sounds corny and puke worthy! But my label really took off in the past year where I was cooped up indoors far away from my friends and we weren’t able to see each other (I don’t live in London) and I suffer from anxiety and depression so I wanted some way of telling people who suffer from the same thing that they weren’t alone and  so that’s how Kat Rose Loves You was born .

I like to think if you were to open up my brain it would be a field of giant toadstools and cloudy blue skies with Tom Tom Club playing in the background- Genius of Love and Pleasure of Love inspire me so much and always features in my work somehow. 

I usually look at zines and my favourite art books to find inspiration if I’m stuck ,Instagram accounts like uou_cute and   gooeygoogoogoo always inspire me aswell.

What do you do when no one is watching? 

Sing (and dance) very badly, pretend I’m the main character in a comedy (my love interest fluctuates but right now it’s a young Anthony Bourdain….), try and befriend cats…. 

What's the feeling fashion gives you?

Freedom, fun and sexiness. When I feel inspired by a look or a dream I feel like I can do anything. My style icons are Jill Tyrell (from BBC3 sitcom Nighty Night), Amy Winehouse and Phoebe Buffay. 

Where are you going to take your Hai next?

I’m going to get bagels today so it will come with me then, I’m so excited !!

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