Say hai to... Madeline Sensibile

This week we turned the focus of the Hai Society lens on Madeline Sensibile. Madeline is a major creative force in the team at one of our favourite haunts for discovering independent  designers, Lisa Says Gah!, who also happen to be a Hai stockist.  She is also the purveyor of an Instagram profile jam-packed with tantalisingly satisfying flat-lays from her work; inspirational archive images and mirror selfies in looks  (lewks) championing the small brands she is surrounded by everyday.  It's a dive into her wonderfully colourful mind and a huge visual hug that we can't get enough of!

Madeline grabbed her new Vera Bag and took her on a mini-tour tour of life in LA, as well as on a tour of some of her recent inspirations (FYI  Timothée Chalamet gets a shout-out)...

Hi Madeline....or should we say Hai!

Hi :)

Can you describe what you do?

I am a person very defined by their profession. I am a content marketing manager, social media manager, content creator, sometimes photographer, sometimes graphic designer, do press + partnerships...I do a lot at Lisa Says Gah! as my full time job. What else do I do? Generally I am a very curious person who is often researching random historical moments I get wrapped up in, endlessly amateuring images of fashion photos I love + art I love, and reading. If I didn't do what I do, I'd love to have been a historian. So now I just do it for fun.


Where do you consider home? When do you know you are home? 

Los Angeles—my mom likes to joke she's the original Valley Girl. I'm home when I hear my partner unlocking the door for me after a long day. I'm home when I'm reading Eve Babitz or blasting Talking Heads or HAIM.

Describe how you feel when you are on a creative Hai? (high) 

The Stop Making Sense soundtrack on loop, very loud.

The best, untalked about place in your city? 

Huntington Gardens—honestly not unknown though. And the Norton Simon Museum.

How, or where do you go to find inspiration? 

I like searching for random art or history documentaries on my Apple TV, I also adore Time Team and learning about archaeology. I'm most inspired when I've seen something that piques my curiosity and when I'm in good spirits, so I watch a lot of comedy, lately several ridiculous British sitcoms. A couple of films or short films that have inspired me lately are Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict, The Price of Everything, and this random video of film clips and art by Jean Cocteau with a narration of Cocteau's writings by Timothée Chalamet. I found it a few years ago and listen to it also when I need to feel soothed, lol.

What do you do when no one is watching? 

Pretend I'm Danielle Haim on the drums while singing very loudly in the car by myself.

What's the feeling fashion gives you?

Fashion makes me feel confident, strong, artistic, and smart.

Where are you going to take your Hai next?

I hope for my first visit to the Huntington Gardens since the beginning of the pandemic! Or on a getaway to Northern Italy and the Loire Valley.

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