Say hai to... Uou Cute

Welcomed this week to our imaginary interview chair, is the illustrator and all-round aficionado in the realm of the kitsch-come-adorable, @uou___cute. While  sharing her frothy inspirations with her thousands of cuteness-obsessed disciples online, Uou Cute (a suitably sweet pseudonym) makes it clear that her account is much more than a mood board, littering her feed with her delightfully garish illustrations, animations and photographic compositions, many of which are available to buy in her recently-created zine or as prints on her website!

Inspiration is taken from a plethora of eras and objects, ranging from kitsch 60s ornaments to the plastic accessories of a 00s childhood, not forgetting  a big sprinkle of manga and Harajuku  aesthetics  thrown in for good measure. 

Read on to get to know the creative brain behind the pseudonym and discover the magical world that Uou took her 'cutified' Bonny Bag to.




Hi Uou Cute....or should we say Hai!


Can you describe what you do?


Where do you consider home? When do you know you are home? 

I was born in Macau and I consider Macau as my home. I know that I am at home when I feel comfortable and I can fully relax.

Describe how you feel when you are on a creative Hai? (high) 

When I bring my concepts and ideas in my head to life! I also enjoy the feeling of creating a world through illustration and animation, or when something unexpected came out from experimenting new things.

The best, untalked about place in your city? 

This park in Macau!

It was super close to where I lived as a child so whenever I go there I'm just flooded with happy nostalgia memories! Also there are always a lot of cute dogs at the park!

How, or where do you go to find inspiration? 

When I am taking a shower or going for a walk. I find that I am the most imaginative and most of my best ideas came out when I was not stressed. Always got inspired when I visit a new place. I really love travelling!

What do you do when no one is watching? 

Drawing, singing, listening to music! hehe

What's the feeling fashion gives you?

I really love to mix and match and collect clothes. I’ve always enjoyed reading fashion magazine and watching how people style their outfits on YouTube. Fashion gives me so many inspiration when I create my illustrations.

Thrifting unique and cute stuff is another one of my favourite activities, especially when I travel to a new town.

Where are you going to take your Hai next?

Probably next time I meet my friends!

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