Hai’ comes from the word for sea in Mandarin. This simple meaning is something we hold close at Hai. We like to keep it in the back of our minds, conjuring up images of waves, rippling in tandem to the movement of the pure Chinese Mulberry Silk that makes up our ethically produced collection of bags, accessories, and most recently ready-to-wear.  

This project was dreamt up somewhere between Shanghai and London, by Hai’s Dutch founder and designer, Tessa Vermeulen, who has enjoyed living between both cities, but for now calls London home. Across continents the sea separates us, however in our case the free-flow of the sea has been our passage to the place we are now; a place where we are proud to find many homes around the world. 

Hai flows through the minds and souls of the free-spirits who make up our community. Like the ever-flowing ocean we stake claim to nowhere yet we are imagined everywhere.